My impressions on my journey so far.

Hello again, long time no see!

Lots going on in my life at the minute so I have been ignoring the website for a while. However, I wanted to share what I am thinking of my saving and investing journey so far.

It’s slow and repetitive

Yes, progress is slow going. As I rely on my monthly wage to save and invest, I am currently only contributing to my stocks and shares ISA once a month. The numbers aren’t going up very fast I can tell you.

At one time, I used to obsessively chart every single penny that I earned and if I spent less than a certain amount a week I would transfer it to a savings account . However, with all that is going on at the minute (viruses and stuff) I don’t really have the mental space to do this at the minute. I check my accounts when I think about it and let the automatic payments do their job to contribute for me.

It is working though as I have 0.19% of my goal invested at the minute with a 4% return (at least that was yesterday, it could be -1% for all I know).

It’s boring and hard work

Okay, this one is probably my fault. I am probably not as passionate about my goal as I was 6 months ago. And that is probably because the gap between what is portrayed on YouTube/Instagram and social media in general and the reality of actually saving/investing are very different, at least for me.

I loved reading Fruglewoods blog posts and their excellent book explaining how they changed their life. Tales of doing home haircuts (which I have learned to do thanks to Covid), packed lunches (they because a necessity at work as our cafe closed) and buying second hand clothes (I have to admit I don’t always do this) hide the daily reality that convenience goes out of the window. In an already hectic life I don’t always have the time, mental space or energy to really engage with this.

(I like my takeaways on a Friday!)

My takeaway from this

You can maybe tell by this post that I am borderline burnt out at the minute and that I am feeling quite overwhelmed by everything that is going on.

This post shouldn’t discourage you to save and invest because the payoff down the road will be immense! I just think that in many of the websites or YouTube channels about FIRE they seem at times to gloss over the daily grind of giving up convenience and how microscopic progress can be discouraging at times.


Keep going! It will be worth it. In the mean time, I know how you feel and how the daily reality of it differs from the highlight reels of Instagram and YouTube.