Exercising without breaking the bank: my personal story

Due to the extraordinary events that have happened this year, many places have had to close, including gyms. As a result, many people stared working out from home.

I have had a love/hate relationship with the gym. I used to go (about 2 years ago) once a week to use the static bike, treadmill and cross-trainer. As I was paying £7 every week and could get a monthly subscription for £25, I took the plunge and signed the contract. That was the last time they saw me!

Somehow, becoming a member was counterproductive for me, as I started making excuses not to go. You may think that it’s because I lacked self-discipline and you would be right . The only difference between January newbies and me is that it actually happened in October.

From then on, I decided the gym was not for me.

What are the alternatives?

I am not an exercise enthusiast. So it’s kind of by accident that I started exercising at home during the pandemic.

Online platforms like YouTube make access to so many free workouts really easy, with plenty talented enthusiast practitioners sharing their tips and tricks.

I have also found that Instagram has a lot a great content once you get over the sponsored content and the perfect body shots.

I think the major breakthrough was discovering ways of exercising that don’t require lots of equipment. Calisthenics and yoga are two sports that I am dabbling into and a great thing about both is that these can be practised, at least in beginning, with no equipment.

Controlling my spending

As with all new hobbies and a recurrent sufferer of shiny object syndrome, I browsed Amazon for exercise aids and equipment.

However, starting this financial journey has lead me to question every single purchase that I nearly made.

The one purchase I gave into in the 2 months I have started exercising at home were yoga blocks and although I am glad to have purchased them and they were really affordable, I know deep down that I could have managed without them too.

The next purchase I want to make is for a pull up bar.

The trick I am using to stop myself buying it in the short term is to delay this expenditure until I reach a significant milestone (serious exercising for 6 months for example).

To conclude:

So what was the point of me sharing this today?

I used to buy all the things when starting a new hobby (I own tap shoes although I tap danced only 3 weeks and good knitting yarn is surprisingly expensive). However this journey has taught me to carefully evaluate what I really need and delay purchases until I know that I am truly commited to my fitness journey.

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