“Stupid is the norm”

Whilst lost in the vortex of endless YouTube videos and recommendations, a channel sparked my interest; it ended up being really relevant to what I am trying to achieve here so I thought I would share it with you.

Mark Winnet hosted the interview of a guy called Perry who became financially independent later in life and in three years!

His style of video is short, straightforward and non apologetic. I like that, he doesn’t sugarcoat the road to success.

Stupid is the norm.

I admit, I fit in his description of “stupid”.

I spend more than I should (especially on the approach to Christmas) and I don’t work 70 hour weeks (although right now, it wouldn’t be reasonable as I am expecting!). However, I do have a good emergency fund – though not perfect – and have invested 0.25% of my goal.

To conclude:

I am a work in progress. I’ll just keep trying!