Do this today and reap the rewards in the future!

Credit: Andrew Kirby
Picture by Andrew Kirby

I love a click-bait title. I am really a sucker for them.

And I’m sure I’ve seen a majority of the ‘how to become a millionaire’ videos on Youtube, in English and in French!

This week I came across two videos which are very similar, from two life/business coaches. Andrew Kirby and Sam Ovens have got many very interesting videos on their channel about productivity, smart thinking and self-improvement. Very much worth a look if you are interested in such topics.

Here are the two videos I watched:

What you’re doing today might not seem to pay off now…

I often fall in the trap of ‘it’s not changing anything, why bother!’

Saving or investing small amounts of money, enrolling for a webinar, reading 10 minutes, meditating 5 minutes, doing a couple of push-ups … These things seem so insignificant. They don’t seem to have any payoffs.

It’s so easy to forget about these little actions we take everyday, be it our lunches, our daily thinking etc.

What this graphs shows… is what everybody keeps telling us. A very abstract concept: it all compounds to create your future.

… but do the hard work now and your future self will thank you!

The 0.1% of a million I have finally managed to invest (yay me!) might look so insignificant compared to my goal. But you have to start somewhere. I can build onto it. And build some more.

And one day, I’ll approach 1%, 2 %, maybe even 10% of my goal. That will already be a huge achievement!

I hate working hard.

I suffer from procrastination big time.

I find thinking about the future frustrating and abstract.

I am impatient.

The truth is that is the only way to fulfill my goals and reach my potential, one day at a time.

To conclude:

I can research as much as I want, watch as many motivational videos as I want, elaborate complicated plans and prevision: nothing will get done if I don’t DO THE WORK!